FFF 6-15

I already broke my big news - that i hit the 160 mark.  I'm still seeing that number some of the time - new range from the 162s to (happy dance) 160.  But I need to get back to walking more or I'm going to lose that.  I'm going to -  - lose the gains … Continue reading FFF 6-15

All About Time

I made a serious schedule for myself last night.  I've got so much going on, i figured i'd better work out exactly how i was going to make everything happen.  Realistically. It reminded me of the days of my youth, when my kids were little and we didn't have much money.  I would occasionally try … Continue reading All About Time

FFF – 6-8-18

It's looking good for the team this week - ok, there is no team, it's looking good for me.  Apparently, grand-parenting is better than a diet, better than a fitbit.  Or maybe it's the prospect of spankings and such in my future.  It's not because of my step count, which was about 44,000 - better … Continue reading FFF – 6-8-18


Almost ready for bed here, worn out from grandparenting today, being on vacation and therefore available to do all kinds of helpful things.  It's a good kind of tired though, and nice to know that the boxes needing to be unpacked is getting smaller and smaller. Sir has run out to get batteries for our … Continue reading Bedtime


I just started an online class on Mindfulness.  It's an 8 week program, modeled after the program that Jon Kabat-Zinn does in Massachusetts.   I've imagined ways to get to the program there, but it has stayed a distant fantasy.  This program (which is free!) is going to be my substitute.  I am pretty excited. In … Continue reading Mindful