FFF – 5-11

So let’s just talk about weight.  I have pretty much quit worrying about it – i continue to hover between 164 and 166.  Since i am a short person -not a “little person” as i understand people who are seriously height challenged prefer to be called – but definitely a short person.  Like 5 foot.  So i’m definitely overweight.

i used to be slender.  “Petite.” People used to tell me how petite i was.  i was” just a little-bitty thing” in an era when that was a compliment.  A big wind woulda blown me away.  I never had to worry about whether my date was going to be shorter than i was.  Not that it’s anything to worry about, but girls did back then.

Once upon a time, i weighed 95 pounds, but by the end of college,  i was “really getting fat” at 110.  So i’d limit my eating to once a day until i got back down to 100 or so.

I can remembering looking at the weight chart and seeing that 140 was the outer limit of “average” weight for my height.  I was appalled!!  ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY POUNDS!  Omg.  I commented to someone that if i weighed THAT much, i don’t even know how i’d walk.  Yep.  Skinny and stupid, i was.

But then there were the child-bearing years and pregnancy and the times of eating my children’s left-overs because there were starving children and waste not want not, plus working in a restaurant with a dessert chef who was always looking for a taster, and so on.  And sure, i might have put on a pound or two most years, but hey, that’s no big deal, um, until you figure this is 37 years later and then that’s a lot pounds.

Anyhow.  At least I’ve backed off of 172, and who knows, it could get better.  And yes, I’d be thrilled to weigh 140 now.  But my immediate goal is to walk 30 minutes after dinner every day.  Although – my sister is quick to tell me that you can’t actually exercise enough to lose weight (she read an article.)  Still, i think it’s a good goal.

And here’s the good news – I did 51,000 steps this week!  Of course that counts two days of travel with airports and connecting flights in different terminals, but still.   That’s over my goal of 7,000 steps/day.  And i just did the after dinner walk a couple of times.

The house is coming together.  Slowly but surely.  I can’t actually see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but I’ve got a  couple of candles lit to guide my path.

I told MP i want my toys back.  I don’t actually have them yet -he has to find the key to the bag they’re in.  But I told him.

And my project at work that I’ve been pushing to get done practically since January is done.   And it went well.  Even my boss suggested that I shouldn’t work too hard yesterday or today to take some time to recuperate.  So I’m doing that, and liking it.  Walked on the beach this morning… life is good.


15 thoughts on “FFF – 5-11

  1. Hi Olivia,

    They say walking is the best exercise. Good on you with the evening walks and yay on the step count! Weight and the scales are only part of the picture but stability there is good.

    Glad the house is coming along and way to go asking for your toys back.

    Congratulations on your work project and success, that is awesome, you should be proud! Enjoy your down time 🙂


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    • Thanks, Roz, for your support! I really appreciate your steady, positive flow of comments. Sweet. I have been enjoying my down time – and getting lots done too, so that’s all good! Hugs…


  2. I feel like I need to say something about losing weight and maintaining said weight loss. Losing weight is the easy part. Maintaining a “healthy” Weight is hard. I have gained and lost the same 40 lbs over the past 12 years. Physical inactivity contributed to the regain every time. The state of my emotional health also turned food into something other than nourishment. The truth, for me, is that it is easier to eat than have an honest conversation with my wife.
    So keep walking. Get your toys back. My hunch is that you don’t eat and, ahem, “play” at the same time.

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    • Thanks, David. Yeah, I hear what you’re saying about weight loss as opposed to maintaining – I haven’t done a lot of ups an downs, but some for sure. As for emotional eating – omg, yes. Definitely have done that – and continue to at times.
      Lol, no, you’re so right, I don’t “play” and eat at the same time. And I ended up having that honest conversation with MP, so I don’t have to dread that anymore. Sigh…

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      • Read your comment. I’m asking myself right now, “What am I doing up?”. Just put the finishing touches on a slow cooker, “fridge-emotying” soup. Enjoy your day.

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  3. Walking is my main form of exercise….unless I am with the grands, then the calorie out take increases greatly! I have given up on skinny and am aiming for healthy….keep moving and watch the eating splurges…You are doing great hugs abby

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    • I bet! I’m hoping that once my grands get here (21 days) that they’ll want to walk with me, or ride their bike/tricycle alongside me. I loved your description of what walks with your grands were like. Thanks for encourgement and hugs back to you!!


  4. Great job on the steps and the project. If I could walk on the beach everyday, I’d be way more motivated to get out there. Good for you. Keep taking care of you and it will all work out. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Amy, for the support. Yes, beach walking (even if it’s only once a week or so) is a great motivatior. I think you’re right, if i keep taking care of myself it will all work out. 🙂


    • Thanks Lindy! My step count isn’t impressive compared to some people (ahem, fondles, for example) but then comparisons are unnecessary. So thank you!! I appreciate the support!! Hugs…


  5. it’s true, you can’t walk off what you eat, but moving regularly increases your metabolism and builds muscle – and muscle uses up calories a lot more efficiently than non-muscle. hang in there. your step count is encouraging! mine has fallen this week tho… I blame entrepreneurship and a bad crick in my neck. 🙂

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    • Thanks, fondles – yeah,I figured she was probably right as far as that went. But of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise! Thanks for the reasons why! It apparently has a good effect on glucose levels too. Sorry your count is down – entrepreneurship will do that!! ❤


  6. I think people are often too harsh on one another. My MD puts that I am obese in the “what was discussed” section of my exit paperwork every visit. Not once has she said anything to me about it. I am 5 foot 3 and 175-ish lbs. I have never felt better in my own skin, though. Beauty is more than weight. You are beautiful.

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