Sex, Power, and Leadership: An online Conference {Free}

Sex, Power, and Leadership: A Free Online Conference  It occurs to me that some of you might be interested in this free online conference which starts Monday.  I should have mentioned it sooner, but better late than... you know, never. Consensual Power Exchange as an Antidote to Patriarchy is one of the segments.  The line … Continue reading Sex, Power, and Leadership: An online Conference {Free}

FFF 4-27

So this morning, i jumped on the scale and discovered that i was at almost exactly the same weight i was at last week, and possibly the week before that.  I've been fluctuating by about .4 pounds - point 4, not 4.  Today's number was at the bottom of the range, but still.  So, in … Continue reading FFF 4-27

FFF – 4-20

I found my scale - yay!  Sadly, i don't think i lost any weight - or maybe half a pound.  This is particularly sad because i've added more activity and for a while was eating less.  Sigh.  Life is just not fair. On the other hand, my step count is good!  The week we moved, … Continue reading FFF – 4-20