Sunday Silence

I have the house to myself again today – MP left on Thursday so it’s been quiet around here.

Yesterday, since i didn’t get to go to the play party, i went to the March for Our Lives, which was pretty phenomenal.  Then i took myself out for dinner, where i sat outside for the river view (all zipped up in my hoodie, cause it was windy and a bit cool.)

I had some delicious seared scallops and a glass of white wine.   And um, whipped garlic mashed potatoes.  Super yum.  Thanks to the March – and the hike back to my car – i hit my steps goal for the first time in forever, which totally made up for the mashed potatoes – yay!

New experiment today – i’m going to try to stay off Facebook all day.  (I have already been back on there 4 times since I wrote that sentence 15 minutes ago.  Sigh… But now I’ve turned off my notifications.)  It will be interesting to see how that goes!

i also spend too much time checking for comments here.  Not today.

i want to go for a walk and maybe drive out to the beach later if it doesn’t rain.   Whatever i do – whether it’s cleaning up the house a bit, which totally needs to happen, or other things (like i just ordered the new Maren Smith book, Seducing Sandy) – i want to make sure that i have time and space to feel the silence around me.




20 thoughts on “Sunday Silence

  1. All of the marches were amazing events….the youth of today is proving itself, as a retired junior high teacher I am so proud of them. Hope you got to that walk on the beach…that is where I go when I need time for me….and I so know what you mean about facebook!
    hugs abby


  2. The march and your dinner by the river sound fabulous. Hope you enjoy your peace and quiet for your ‘me time’. Gosh its so hard to stay off face book, yet its such a waste of time.
    Hugs Lindy xx

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    • Thanks, Lindy – they were really a pleasure. And yeah, I do love facebook, and am beginning to hate how much of my time it eats up. Sigh… But I was not on there most of the day yesterday – and the world did not end. So that’s good news!!


  3. That is so awesome that you went to the march! And that meal and experience sounds divine.

    When I took a Facebook break, I found that logging out helped. Then I had to actually stop myself and log in if I wanted to “cheat”. Or you could deactivate it, but I thought that too extreme for the circumstance.


    • It was a lovely day for sure!

      Yeah. I’ve found turning off notifications helps a lot but signing out would be even better. Thanks for the suggestion! And as for deactivating it? Lol just no.


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