Moving Forward

Some of my vanilla life is falling into place, or at least sweeping me up into the process.  Work is good, and I'm working on some other things that will be satisfying and interesting. I have a friend coming to visit from Where-I-Used-to-Live in about six weeks, and the prospect of a visit in the … Continue reading Moving Forward

Tonight 1-8

I traveled today.  I'm in a different state, 1,000 miles from home.  I got a lot of work done while I was traveling, had dinner with some co-workers here where we talked about work stuff and then personal lives.   The food was lovely, and we laughed and shared some good moments. I got back to … Continue reading Tonight 1-8


I have a bunch of thoughts floating around in my head - if I knew how to do it, I'd put them here in bubbles, like a cartoon, or circles.  But I don't know how to do that here, so you'll have to imagine it.  Here are my thoughts, in no particular order. I Believe: … Continue reading Ideas