Fetlife Adventures

In the last 48 hours, four people have approached me on Fetlife!!  How does that even happen?  They are all from here, or close enough.

One of them is 26 years old and wants a mistress who will fuck him with a strap-on.  Um, i’m pretty sure that’s not me.  Not seeing it.

One of them is mid-40s and describes himself as a hedonist.  He shares many pictures of himself in various macho poses, both clothed and unclothed.   He seems nice enough.  A man of few words, we exchange messages like:

Me:  Thanks for the friend request – I always enjoy chatting with like-minded people. Have you been involved in BDSM long?

Him:  Yes I have been into being kink a lifetime, but it’s hard to find people into it. I am very discrete and will always respect your privacy..

Me:  “It looks like you’re just now discovering fetlife – that’s exciting!” 

Him:  “I’ve been on and off of fetlife, there’s a lot of fakes on here. It’s hard to find real kinksters on here.”

Whatever.  Too many pictures of himself.

Then there’s another one who’s kind of cute, early 60’s, and also in the Man-of-Few-Words category.

 Him:  Hello Lady Bug How are you doing tonight. I hope we can be friends an chat . 

Me:  Hi. I’m good – how are you doing? (Actually, about to go to bed) Talk to you later?

Him:  I am Good Honey Sweet Dreams. Hugs an Kisses

Notice the non-consenual hugs an kisses at the end there.  And he has a couple of un-impressive dick pics.  No, thanks.

Finally, there’s J.   J might be interesting.  Mid-50s and can carry on a conversation.  You know, early, early days, but at least he’s fun to talk to.  So far.

But isn’t it curious how there are suddenly 4 people contacting me out of the blue all at one time?  Weird.

Also, I went back at looked at the title of this – ok, “Adventures” might be an exaggeration.  But this can be considered an adventure in my life today.  Lol.

Don’t forget Jz’s cookies and such.  And my real adventure in Very Far Away starts tomorrow.  Woohooo!!


My house is clean, for the moment.  YAY!!  Ok, no, I didn’t clean it. I paid someone to do it.  That’s ok – the outcome is worth every penny.  Many blessings on people who make a living cleaning houses.


I am caught up on my class!!  Yes.  CAUGHT UP!!  I still have some “extra” material to get through, but I’ve got all the basic readings and assignments done.

AND on Thursday, I leave to visit Monkey in Very-Far-Away!!


Super Exciting!!



IT’S TIME for the Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!!

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date…
THIS post by Jz has been up for days already.   (It’s a reflection of how ridiculous my life is that I”m just now getting started.)  But the post answers my pressing question about how the great cookie exchange got started.  It also explains how the cookie exchange became a holiday exchange, opening it up to all kinds of goodies.  You should go read the post.
BUT the most important information to know is here:
The date for this year’s increasingly inaccurately named
Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza
is Thursday, December 7th.
The deadline to sign up is noon on Tuesday, December 5th. (To allow for time to assemble and distribute the participant list that people will add to their posts.)
The rules for participating are simple:
         On Dec. 7th – post a recipe for any holiday goodie.
That’s it for rules.
         *dusts off hands*
Your recipe doesn’t have to be for a cookie.
Nor do you even need to sign up to join us – you’ll just be doing so in anonymity if you don’t.
To sign up:
         Email me by noon on Dec 5th.
What I need:
         Your screen name and the URL of your blog.
         (OK, I also need your email address but I’ll have that if you email, right?)
                  If I don’t get those 3 things, you won’t make the participant list. 
                  (Sorry, but I’m done with chasing people.)
That’s it, tho’.
An email, three details, and one post… and a whole lotta fun will be yours.
And ours. ;-D

A Bit of Better

“One’s doing well if age improves even slightly one’s capacity to hold on to that vital truism: “This too shall pass.”

Alain de Botton

Yesterday was better.  I got some things accomplished.  My partner did some things that needed to be done.  My daughter took care of some things.  That all helped.

I’ve settled back down a bit, thank goodness.

I think a good hard spanking would be a nice reset, but that’s not going to happen today/this week/ probably not this month.  Maybe sometime next year though!!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving – looking forward to an untraditional one in a restaurant, with lots of gratitude.




like a bug in a spider web,

Trapped in networks of connections

networks of good intentions,

the stickiness of the web leaves a residue

of helplessness and pointless struggle.

Lost in a maze, the walls

rising like a prison, casting shadows.

Each turn another dead end – 

or a circle, tracing a careful path

right back to where I first began.

Too full of feelings, packed tight,


sadness -anger – joy –anger – pain – fear -sadness – anger – joy

packed too tight for air, too heavy to move

trapped in the intricacy of my own making.


How does content look?


1. in a state of peaceful happiness.
“he seemed more content, less bitter”
1.  satisfy (someone).
“nothing would content her”
1. a state of satisfaction.
“the greater part of the century was a time of content”
2.a member of the British House of Lords who votes for a particular motion.
Or in picture form:
Woman walking on the beach back
(Yes, it’s a woman walking on the beach)