Feeling all kinds of self-pity tonight, and this song says it all... (lyrics at the bottom, in case you can't play it.) i've been watching webinars - 5 in the last few days, but who's counting?  Anyhow.  The last two i watched went together, in an unplanned synchronicity  of the universe.   And here's what … Continue reading Sadness

Public again

i've gone public again.  If it looks like we'll be involving someone else in our relationship, i'll probably make the blog private again, but who knows if/when that might be. In the meantime - Hi!!


We were supposed to have dinner with our potential person, but he canceled, explaining that he's had some family issues come up and isn't going to have time for other activities for a while. i am pretty generally ok with that, but wonder what's going to happen with Sir and me.  Also, i've had to … Continue reading Nope