Phallic Symbols

i have some fascination with cock worship, both as a practice and as an academic topic.  There's some really interesting material about cock worship as a religious practice in this article in Cracked, and maybe i'll talk more about that another time. But today, all of that is just to serve as lead in to this … Continue reading Phallic Symbols

The Fair

i went to the fair yesterday.  By myself, so there was time and space for about 5o years of memories of the fair. Early in the day, i saw a number of people carrying around yardsticks.  It made me smile, remembering the time, probably 6 or 7 years ago now, that a Dom i was … Continue reading The Fair

He Ghosted

RS, our potential guy, ghosted.  Last thing he said was "looking forward to meeting you both," and MP emailed him a suggestion that we get together for dinner - that was Sunday.  Nothing since then. It's ok.  Seriously.  Maybe he thought i was going to send him a tit pic and was disappointed, maybe he … Continue reading He Ghosted


Ok, y'all, it looks like this might actually happen.  Pictures have been exchanged with RS (clothes on) and he and MP have exchanged email and - um, i think we're going to probably actually meet for dinner. Seriously, y'all. i have never been one to dream of a threesome.  Two men was not on my … Continue reading Yikes!