A Bonus

If my new life plans work out - which would involve retiring from one of my jobs, continuing the other one, which is about 30 hours/ week, and moving to a warmer part of the country - if that works out, i would be able to get involved with a kink community again. You have … Continue reading A Bonus


Sometimes, if i'm very still  and if i let my mind slip back, back, back in time, sometimes i can still feel the rope, soft, cotton rope, snaking over my skin as he wrapped me, like a package, a parcel, tied me up. Contained. Shibari, like a whisper,the rope between my legs, the knot right there … Continue reading Rope


  Breathe. In. Out. May i be peaceful... May i be happy... May i be safe... May i awaken to the light of my true nature... May i be free... Breathe. In. Out. May you be peaceful... May you be happy... May you be safe... May you awaken to the light of your true nature... … Continue reading Breathe