Just for fun…

You can find the whole story here, but i had to share these:   Yep.  They're CTHULHU DILDOS.  Just what you've always wanted, right?  {Walks away laughing...}  But they cost between $125 to $175 dollars, so i'm thinking the sellers may get the last laugh... Seriously, though, or semi-seriously, does that appeal to you???  Would you … Continue reading Just for fun…

An Open Mind

'What's on your mind?" he asks. Deep in thought, i say, "Nothing, really," but then i hear what i've said and see his face, eyebrows raised.  My eyes widen, and i swallow hard, wishing i could take those careless words back. It is, of course, too late.  "That's ten," he says casually.  "With the crop … Continue reading An Open Mind

BDSM and me

i am realizing that i have a full-blown philosophy about BDSM.  (In case anyone still thinks that being submissive means not having your own opinions - um, no.  It doesn't mean that.) My concept of BDSM... ...requires clear, specific consent.  You can consent to not having a safe-word, you can consent to non-consensual consent if you … Continue reading BDSM and me

A Hypocrite

i am a hypocrite.  And at the moment, awash in shame. Yeah. The only way out of that is by changing my actions so they match my values.  i know this. There's no reason to talk about what i'm going to do, or make excuses for why i haven't already, i just need to fucking do … Continue reading A Hypocrite

Just Chillin’

Being on vacation is lovely.  i have not even been thinking too hard about stuff. It's funny, for a day or two i was thinking about practices i could start that would increase my sense of submission.  In particular, the blog i was talking about before, he did this lovely post about that, you can … Continue reading Just Chillin’