Submissive girls joke

What happens when two submissive girls get together? Nothing.   They both just keep saying, "i dunno, what do you want to do?" Lol, no seriously, my blog friend and i are having a blast...  hope you are too.


Big excitement here - a blogging friend, someone i met through an earlier incarnation of my blog - is coming to visit.  She arrives tomorrow, and i'm super excited.  We met through blogs, but have gotten together in real life several times, and this will be her third annual visit. i have a ton of … Continue reading Excitement


Dreamlanddancing commented on one of my comments with the phrase: "Baraka Bashad."  i had to google that; i'd never heard it before.  It's from the Sufi tradition and it  means, "May the blessings be," or  "May the blessings flow."   It reminds me of the Wiccan "Blessed be." But the google trail led me to … Continue reading Learning