Long ago

Long ago and faraway when we went to bed he would wrap himself around me from the back and i would snuggle my butt up against his cock and sometimes he would play with my nipples making me squirm just because he could and then he'd go to sleep. Still wrapped around me. Long ago … Continue reading Long ago


i'm tired - and this is real life, not a story.  If it were a story, someone would help me manage my time.  And there would be spankings involved.  Perhaps orgasms even. But i digress.  This is just me, feeling tired.  It's been a long week - and it's only Wednesday.  Another long day to … Continue reading Tired


"i'm bored," i say. "Bored?"  Sir looks up from the blender engine he's taken apart and is putting back together.  "Seems like there's plenty to do around here.  Plenty that needs doing anyhow." And he goes back to work, completely focused on the tiny screwdriver and parts in front of him. i huff a little … Continue reading Bored