Stop that

"Stop that," he says. "What?"  i look innocent, sound innocent, but i totally know what he's talking about. "THAT," he says, taking my phone out of my hand.  "You have been on there for at least an hour now.  Are you doing anything besides Facebook?" "Um, actually, um, no, no, Sir. " "I thought you … Continue reading Stop that


i was thinking tonight - i had a hard day at work, hard in ways that my job is not usually difficult - and had been feeling a bit overwhelmed and wanting support - and i was thinking that it would be nice if My Partner (MP) responded to text messages with more than one … Continue reading Insatiable

Letting go

"In the corner.  Now." i would rather not, but i would also rather not get caned tonight, so i move quickly.  Ok, it might take me a minute to get off my knees, i don't do that as fast as i once could, but having gotten to my feet, i move quickly. i am already … Continue reading Letting go

Long ago

Long ago and faraway when we went to bed he would wrap himself around me from the back and i would snuggle my butt up against his cock and sometimes he would play with my nipples making me squirm just because he could and then he'd go to sleep. Still wrapped around me. Long ago … Continue reading Long ago