Getting my nails done.  Often a sensual experience so i’m working on relaxing into it.  Its one of the self care things i enjoy but have neglected too often over the last year.

I dated someone once who used to say he was going to come with me to watch sometime. There was something erotic about that.

Getting back on track with lots of self care things feels good.






6 thoughts on “Nails

  1. They ought to have Couples Night at these places, especially pedicures for men. My feet are a wreck. Also, they should tactfully advertise a fingernail trim for those engaging in “back door” activities.


  2. Sir Raven took me to get a pedicure last weekend, and it was so odd for her to be there, watching. The man who takes care of me there has gigantic hands, he has learned over the years to just grab me and move me how he wants me. He will sort of just grab me by the ankle and lift my leg all of the way up, filing and massaging. Heh. He says that he can’t stop massaging me because he can see in my face how good it makes me feel. Sitting in that chair, with a man touching me in fairly intimate ways, i texted Sir Raven that it was weird for her to be there watching. 🙂


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