"How much did you get done today?" His voice is gentle, not demanding at all, but i cringe.  "Um, i did the dishes and laundry and made the bed, and i even straightened up part of the utility room."  Despite myself, my voice goes up in question at the end of that sentence.  Is that … Continue reading Goals?

On your knees

"On your knees," he says. i do it quickly.  There has been talk lately of a training school, an idea that alternately excites and terrifies me - or maybe that's the same thing.  But the thought inspires me to quick obedience. Besides, i love to kneel at his feet. He is naked under his robe, … Continue reading On your knees


i was wondering today when and how i began to think of myself as unfocused and disorganized.  No, wait, that's not quite right, but i began to think of myself as "not focused enough," and "not organized enough." i think that i've been missing the point.  i can be super focused and super organized ~ when … Continue reading Thinking…


"Here."  He snaps his fingers and points to the floor at his feet.  "Crawl," he says, with a hint of a smile. i hesitate - just for a moment - but crawl?  Alan and Mindy are here!  It's bad enough that i'm naked, and the only one naked.  Although, Mindy is barely dressed.  Still, a … Continue reading Here